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Chance to win a shoot- EVERY MONTH!

You now have a chance to win a photoshoot EVERY MONTH!

There are SO MANY reasons why someone would deserve a free photoshoot so once a month I will do a RANDOM DRAW for one lucky winner to win a 30 minute session of their choice.

Family Childrens Portraits Vernon Lake Country Awarded Traveling Photographer

Whether you want to enter for yourself, or for someone else, all you have to do is drop your info on to a Google form, and on the 15th of every month, I will do a Facebook Live from the Selina Photography Facebook Page to announce the winner! Make sure you've liked and FOLLOWED the page so that you don't miss any of my other giveaways.

Couples Engagement Vernon Lumby Awarded Traveling Photographer

Do you know someone who is currently struggling financially? Or someone who is battling with their health? Or someone who has lost someone close to them? Or a parent that is doing it all by themselves? There are limitless reasons why someone deserves a little photography therapy, and EVERYONE deserves to have beautiful photos of themselves, and with the people that they love.​

The monthly winner needs to be 18+, have their session within 6 months of their win date, and to be able to travel within 30 km's of Vernon, or travel fee's may apply. The session can be any type from family, to couple, to boudoir/couples boudoir (boudoir studio is in Vernon), to empowerment.


30 Minute Session

Up to $357 Value

All edits

Up to $200 Value

You're in good hands.

You can read over 400 five star reviews on the Selina Photography Facebook Page as well as over 140 five star reviews on Google.

Couples Engagement Vernon Awarded Traveling Photographer

Please feel free to browse my website to see more of my family portfolio, read how to prepare pages, and get to know me a little better. I also have a page with the details of my awards and publications, which also has more ways that I have given back to the community.

I also do wedding photography! A Jill of all trades.

Keep up with all of my latest projects and offers on my blog.

"This is the third session we have had with Selina over the course of the last 7 years or so. From the first shoot to this latest one, Selina just keeps getting better! She comes prepared and is easy to work with. She delivered on her timelines and my whole family was thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Selina.!"

-- Kim F. Aug. 2022


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