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Clients' Favorite Images Part 1 of 3

In January I asked my clients to share their favorite images with me and why they chose that image. The thread meant more to me than I ever expected, and so many of my amazing clients responded that I wanted to create a few blog posts to share them all with you ❤

Devon D.

"Too many to choose from but here’s one!"

Nicole S.

"This is my favorite one of Presley and I"

Reena P.

"Of my daughter"

Candace F.

"This photo fills my heart every time I look at it - which is every day since it is not only my phone wallpaper but is blown up on canvas in our room. You managed to capture the light of this moment, both literally and figuratively. ❤️"

Hanna R.N.

"The whole session was amazing but love this one the most"

Krystal H.

"This one because it’s us ♥️ Shar will often hear “what did Aunt-E say” because that’s what we do.. also extra special because it was for our now guardian angel 🦋💜"

Alley P.

"In these two photos you made me feel like a goddess and I felt so empowered in my own body in a time I was having doubts about myself entering motherhood."

Shanna M.

"One of my favorite. I felt amazing and you just made everything so much better and special and made me feel gorgeous. Your energy is just amazing!"

"This is my favorite of Craig and I because well it's epic!!"

Donna H.

"This one of my kids from 2018 😍 probably the last time they got along too 😂"

Dawn L.

"I love this picture of us!!"

Andie F.

"Our first day working with you, creating Christmas magic.

But this was by far my fav moment.

Santa told me I made the Nice List... and I think we all knew he lied."

Julianne B.

"I have too many faves tbh. 💞💖"

Jen G.

"This one is my favorite cuz of the angle of the picture!! 🥰"

Jeannette M.

I can’t choose. Every one of the photos you’ve taken of my daughter and her family are perfect. I love them ALL

Lindsey D.

"This picture makes me feel beautiful"

Stephanie P.

"There were a few that were my favourites but this one is number 1. You captured my beautiful girl so perfectly ♥️"

Lisa D.

"Normally Jaymz doesn't like his photo taken and makes these weird faces, but this smile right! Melts my heart"

"Also this one. The bond these 2 share is absolutely amazing. You took that photo of dad and Jaymz minutes after he was born and they've been so close ever since."

Meghan L.

"June 2018 our son was born. Our first ever shoot with you. To think now we have like 4 or 5 different photoshoots with you is soooo crazy."

Vanessa P.

"This picture makes my heart so happy!"

Kaycee A.

"My favorite photo from you 😍😍"

Adrienne B.

"I love this picture with my boys."

"I have 2 favourites! I love this one too!"

Mandy A.

My favorite because of what we did with my dress 😍

Alexa H.

"It's hard to pick just one, cause I have a few favorites. This is one of them because I don't like my body, especially with limited clothing on and would never post a photo like this, but you made me feel so beautiful and comfortable!! Thank you so much for that!! You truly are an amazing and beautiful soul and I'm so happy and grateful that you and I met!! 🖤💋🔮"

Chelsea-Fay B.

"I love that I’m just so chill watching my boy be what he is… a little crazy lol"

Charlotte H.

"I had a hard time choosing… but of “just me” this is my absolute favorite! I was so scared of how I was going to look and I felt beautiful! Actually sexy!!"

Kim F.

"I just love this one of my family- everyone is looking, even the dog!"

Amber L.

"I can’t decide! Tho, this (the B&W) is my 1 at the moment.. the colour photo is a frickin close second."

Lisa R.

"This is hard to choose..... I'll go with both my babies newborn shoot though, how I will forever see them 🥰🥰"


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