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March Mommy & Me Studio Sessions

You don't need a special occasion to get portraits with the tiny people that call you mom, or to get dressed up for beautiful photos with your mom or Grandma! OR BOTH! There is no limit on participants.

From March 3rd to 9th, I have limited spots available for 20 minute Mommy & Me studio sessions, with 2 edits included in both colour and B&W, for only $90 taxes in! That's a HUGE discount. TO BOOK ONE OF THESE SESSIONS PLEASE PICK A DATE AND TIME HERE or email us at or contact us on the Selina Photography Facebook page. The studio is a calm, clean, comfy, controlled environment that makes it perfect for busy little ones. Especially if your little one is a runner 😆 The studio has a comfy bed that smaller kids get to jump on, which they always think is just the best because usually they can't jump on the furniture at home, let alone in a fancy studio! Then we just let loose and I get to capture their personalities.

It's a crazy thought that we only get an average of 19 summers with our kids before they move away. Well maybe not in this economy but that's another blog post... But as time goes on, it's harder and harder to wrap my brain around the passing time and how quickly the years really do go by. Don't forget to document it in a beautiful way. You deserve more than selfies. Your kids deserve to know you had a bottom half to your body.

These short studio sessions are the perfect quick, stress free way to make sure you're updating your family photos regularly. In your booking confirmation you get ALL the info you need to prepare, including a What to Wear Guide, and my lovely assistant, Amber, and I are always happy to answer your questions. The next photo is Amber with her boys being silly at a Mommy & Me session at my studio and I love it so much. Those are their genuine smiles and Amber's genuine weirdness 😆😆

You can also feel free to make these sessions as silly or personal as you want. Make it a theme and wear your jammies, or dress up like superheroes, the sky is the limit! I am here for all of it.

I am looking forward to meeting so many of you for the first time at these sessions and biting you with the photography bug because after a photoshoot appetizer like this, you'll want to make it a regular occurrence. And to help you reach that goal, I will do my best to continue to offer affordable options like this year after year!


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