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The Studio

Welcome to my NEW studio space!!

I am so excited to be offering studio space for sessions to better serve my amazing clients! Having the studio space allows us to do setups for things like cake smashes or stylized sessions, it also means we don't have to rely on the weather! Studio's are also great for encouraging cuddles during sessions, and no need for jackets or even SOCKS! Nothing affects the results of photographing children more than weather that makes them uncomfortable! The studio is always warm, bright, and clean. 

Please see the details for my studio sessions and prices by clicking here.


This page holds all the resources you need to answer your studio related questions! Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


"Selina was absolutely amazing! She made us feel so at ease and so natural! We never really had family photos done and we are so awkward in pictures we had no idea what we were doing. Selina positioned us perfectly and made the entire session a breeze! She was so friendly and personable!"

-- Meghan P. Oct 2020


Studio Portfolio


"Oh. My. Goodness. Having our photos done by Selina was a 10/10 experience. She was amazing with my boys, cool, calm, and collected. She was very vocal and made us feel comfortable about our posing, which in my eyes shows she is well versed in her profession. Not only was she a joy to spend some time with, she turned it into a great experience"

-- Shaea F. Nov 2020



Where is your studio located?

A: Kelowna at 610 Milex Court. It is a home studio in the lower half of my house. It has a shared entrance with the rest of my home, but my clients have their own bathroom, and the studio is separate from anything else. My family is the only occupants, and it's important to me to have the house to myself during sessions! Privacy is important to me, and because of this, I have privacy film over all of the downstairs windows as well.

What are your Covid-19 precautions?

A: I have a toddler in my home, so following Covid-19 protocols in my studio is very important to me! For studio and outdoor sessions, I always wear a mask while shooting. I also make sure to sanitize my equipment and myself before and after each session. In my studio, I have limited the things in the space, to make it easier to keep cleaned and sanitized. I choose mostly hard materials for high touch surfaces for easy sanitation between sessions. Any sessions that use soft surfaces like the bed, are booked on different days in order to properly wash all of the touched surfaces.

Studio sessions are also booked far enough apart to ensure thorough sanitizing.

Is your studio handicap accessible?

A: Unfortunately, I rent, and am unable to make my downstairs studio wheelchair accessible, but the stairs are wide, and there is a hand railing for mobile assistance. The client washroom also has two steps to the toilet. 

Is your studio animal friendly?
A: I do have a dog and a cat in my home so there would need to be communication in advance, and your pet would need to be okay with potentially making contact with Fred the cat who thinks he can go anywhere. My yellow lab dog, Boss, is kept upstairs and will not interrupt our session, but cats do whatever they want. 

Do I have to sign a photo release?

A: No. Signing a photo release is optional, and signing it is greatly appreciated. See a copy of the Photo Release here

Does your studio have a washroom?

A: Yes! There is a client bathroom downstairs with the studio, and is available to use for outfit changes.

What are your prices and packages?
A: You can do a 30 or 60 minute package in my studio, and the studio also gives you the option of booking only a 15 minute session, since it cuts out travel for me! You can see the details of all of these packages by clicking here 

What is the parking situation at the studio?

A: I have a fairly large driveway that holds three vehicles including my own, and pull in parking in front of my house with enough space for two vehicles, and in the case of an event there is ample road parking on the road adjacent to my cul-de-sac. 

Do you have sets to choose from?

A: Yes! In the studio photos above you can see the two different couch setups I have for the white wall sessions, and you can also get rid of the couches all together and get cuddly on the floor, or on the bed if it's not a day of minis (that requires time to wash sheets between)!

For cake smashes you will need to supply your own setup, and I will provide the clean, bright studio space to do it!

What do I wear to a studio session?

A: The same things that you would wear to an outdoor session, minus the shoes and hopefully the socks (I think bare feet look naturally beautiful!). 

How many people can I include in a studio session?
A: Because my studio is a smaller at home studio, my studio sessions can include 2 adults, and no limit of children. You can add groups of 2 adults for $10. The studio is not ideal for large groups (more than 6 adults)

Can I see a copy of the contract?

A: Yes! You can see a copy of the Contract of Services here.

**If you have an unanswered question, please message me here! **