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Couples Boudoir

"Omg where do I start!!! My partner and myself did a couples boudoir session with Selina, and from the get go, her energy and presence is amazing! She has the ability to make you feel so relaxed and comfortable as you step outside of your comfort zone. Standing there in my partners arms wearing lingerie, I felt completely at ease.

Selina has this natural ability to make the whole experience from start to finish so enjoyable and intimate, all while taking amazing shots! To be able to see the images of yourself in such a sexy, classy, vulnerable, relaxed state all because her natural talent and ability to take such amazing pictures. Thank you so much Selina!! Your talent is mind blowing."

-- Tina M. Jan 2021


Couples Boudoir Sessions

Worship your lover with an experience neither of you will ever forget. Couples boudoir sessions are sensual sessions with your partner, in a beautiful, private setting, that gives you romantic photos to look back on for the rest of time.

Date nights only go so far. A couples boudoir session is the ULTIMATE boudoir therapy! It's an experience you'll both enjoy immensely, and afterwards you'll have gorgeous photos of the two of you that will never age. The more time that passes, the more feelings you'll conjure up looking back at them.

Couples photography is my absolute favorite to shoot, and a couples BOUDOIR is next level! I might be biased, but I think every couple should experience a boudoir together at least once.


See the details for the 30 and 60 minute boudoir sessions here, or contact me if you have any questions!

Couples Boudoir Portfolio

couples boudoir portfolio

"This review is from a mans point of view, with regards to couples boudoir.

Most men are extremely hesitant when it comes to doing such a photo session. I was apprehensive when my beautiful partner asked me to do a photo shoot. I’m normally a very conservative man, I didn’t know what to expect, I have a beautiful partner who always looks beautiful in everything and all day long. Upon the initial meeting of Selina, I was extremely relieved by her personality, she made me feel extremely comfortable, her humor and spontaneous comments made me laugh.

So for you men who think this is weird, it’s not, this session has really opened more doors in my relationship with my partner, it’s about the connection you have with your partner, the love, the caring and most importantly, the touching.

Selina is phenomenal she captures the most subtle moments.

For those couples who are on the fence especially the men, just go for it, we only have one life make some beautiful memories with your partner, show them how special they are to you. If you are going to do a couples boudoir, do it with Selina, she is absolutely phenomenal, you won’t be disappointed."

-- Shane P. Jan 2021

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