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Selina's New Studio

I just made a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT that I got a new studio space downtown Vernon, B.C.!

I know that it's only been a year since I announced my first commercial space across from Village Green Mall, but things weren't working out there and I was pushed into an even BIGGER, BETTER SPACE. The Universe truly delivered. I'd like to share that space with you now 😍

The new space is located at 3005 32nd Street with it's entrance off highway 97 and private parking in the back of the building. I was over the moon to find out I had on site parking, which was a huge upgrade from my last studio. It also has a separate waiting and office area so when you first come in, you'll be greeted by Ella, my office Mother Nature Goddess that I had donated by a client and then my sister and I turned into a creation. You'll also see some of my art and accomplishments on the walls, as well as A LOT of plants. The difference between my old studio and new studio is night and day. Checkout this video comparison.

Thank you to every client that joined me in my old space last year and I am hoping to see you AGAIN in my new space.

The space has a full sized changing room for my clients, a private bathroom, and a basement to hold all my fun props and sets, which is the biggest difference from my old space, where I had zero storage. It also has ground level entry with a ramp up to the front door so it's fully accessible, unlike the old studio that had eight million stairs.

I started shooting in the new space on March 1st 2024 and have loved every session that I've returned since. The space has a gorgeous full ceiling light that brings in a unique direct light that I've never had in any studio space prior. The space also has gorgeous wood beams and accents throughout, and a lovely wood floor that compliments the space perfectly.

There are different nooks throughout the space that I have utilized for different setups that I can use for any type of session.

I even kept a blank space wall for headshots and now that I have the extra basement space, I am looking forward to playing with backdrop photos.

Because of the issues with my last space, I wasn't able to host any events except for the original studio launch party which had been pre planned before I got into the space. Now I am looking forward to a launch for THIS space and I hope to see you there! Make sure you like my Selina Photography Facebook and Instagram pages so that you don't miss out on the details. You know you want to do a session here! Reach out and we'll make it happen.


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