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How to Prepare for a Family Session


Everything you need to know to prepare

  • You do not need to know anything about posing, you just need to trust me that I do

  • You will need to supply your own outfits. Comfort is key, and don't worry about how your body looks, pose and angles are key to flattering images

  • You can see my page on what to wear and I want you to send me a photo in your outfit a week in advance

    • This ensures you 1) have your outfits planned 2) have everything you need 3) it fits​

    • It also gives littles a chance to get used to what they're wearing instead of everything being new on the day of when emotions are already high

    • Helps me visualize our session

  • The locations I choose are dynamic so we'll be continuously moving throughout the session

  • This helps keep interest for the little's that are in the session

  • At certain times of the year, I will have bug spray for everyone to help with tics and mosquitos 

  • Any little's will feed off your energy, so the moments before the shoot (in the car on the way, getting ready) will effect their cooperation during the session

  • More often than not, the grumpy face of the parents negatively affects the outcome of the photos more than the child's "poor" behavior. For the time that we're together, just let them be kids

  • Sometimes it might feel weird or silly during the photos but that's only because you can't see the magic happening in the lens so please trust the process

  • Only use positive, affirming vocabulary during the session. Instead of telling your child, "don't do that!" change it to "lets do this!" Bringing attention to what they shouldn't be doing, "don't stick your tongue out!" Makes them do it even more. You don't need to worry about cuing them because I will take care of that. I have my ways of getting children to do what I need for the photo but your comments could be counter productive to what I am trying to accomplish

  • Don't bring anything you need to carry, I can take keys but you wont need your cell phone or anything else 

  • Little's have the best chance of standing still at the beginning because they're getting used to the photographer

  • I start the photoshoot out with all the different combinations of people, looking at the camera (Portraits)

  • The more participants in the session, the more Portraits

  • Aside from those Portraits, I almost always prefer you don't look at me, unless I specifically ask you to

  • If your child has a learning disability or behavioral problems please let me know in advance so that I can approach them accordingly

  • Sometimes you have to leave room for moments with no direction so that real life can happen

  • I want you to feel comfortable to fill the in-between moments with genuine interaction, to create your own moments

  • The longer the session, the more time for fun, candid and action shots as well

  • I am VERY specific in my posing so rest assured you don't have to try and figure anything out yourself, I will make you look your best

  • Please pay the remaining balance at least 48 hours before your session

  • You can do so by clicking "View Appointment Details" at the bottom of your booking confirmation and then "Pay $ CADX.XX" button on the page that opens.

  • Outfit Tips:

    • Please see my page on what to wear

    • Outfits fitting a little bit loose is better than them being a bit too tight

    • Choose footwear you're comfortable in to go off the path, or down/up hills

    • Dress for the weather. This is the most important thing. It is VERY VERY difficult to take photos of uncomfortable people and it is even harder to get cold/uncomfortable children to cooperate

    • Bring more layers than necessary and if you want to during the session, you can take them off

    • When weather allows, I like to have photos standing and sitting, often on the ground, so be mindful that your outfits are comfortable to sit in


"We have had Selina do our family photos annually for the past 3 years. It isn't easy trying to convince infants and toddlers to do ANYTHING, but Selina always manages to get fantastic pictures of everyone! Would recommend to anyone looking to have photos done with young kids!"

-- Lauren S. Nov. 2020

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