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What To Wear Guide


Everything you need to know to prepare!

  • Earth tones look the best

  • My favorite colour for ladies is mustard/golds

  • Exact matching outfits can look out of place. Colour match accessories instead or splashes of colour (ex. Her red dress his red tie)

  • Colours opposite of each other on the colour wheel are complementary colours that go together

  • Avoid busy patterns, words and logos

  • In warmer temperatures and indoor shoots, I'll often ask you to be barefoot

  • Avoid short dresses

  • In warmer temperatures I may ask you to sit down, I also like to capture movement and I don't want you to be worried about your dress coming up

  • Having your hair down captures awesome movement in the photos

  • Black and white both make you disappear into backgrounds or into each other and can make you look larger or disappear completely

  • Dressing up always looks the best in the photos

  • Guys; if wearing hats with brims is part of who you are, be aware that this could black out your eyes in my editing because of shadow or could completely obstruct your face/the face of the people in your session

  • Ladies; flowing clothes always look great

  • Don't fret about blemishes, they'll be removed in post work

  • Please let me know in advance if you have any visible scars that you'd like removed,otherwise I will not alter any permanent feature

  • I want the photos to reflect YOU and your style so don't be afraid to dress like yourself!


"Selina was absolutely amazing! She made us feel so at ease and so natural! We have never really had family photos done and we are so awkward in pictures we had no idea what we were doing. Selina positioned us perfectly and made the entire session a breeze! She was so friendly and personable! It was everything we wanted and more!"

-- Meghan P. Oct. 2020