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My First New Brunswick Wedding

In 2021 I started a HUGE Canada wide giveaway for an entire wedding package worth over $8,800, and the winner of that contest was in Nova Scotia.

When I announced that I would be there, the dates coincided with another Bride who had entered the giveaway and she was able to book me for her New Brunswick wedding, too!

The vision behind Brittany's wedding was truly magical and you'll understand what I mean after you see these photos.

The wedding venue was Whispering Willow in Scoudouc, New Brunswick which made this my first New Brunswick wedding ever! The couple got the entire venue house to themselves for the weekend, which was large enough for each wedding party to have their own portion of the house to get ready in.

The beautiful home also made for the best backdrop to some of my favorite first look reactions ever!

I don't think I've ever had a Bride look more like a Queen and it was 100% bang on to the vision that Brittany had described to me in her planning.

Everything was perfect for them and Ryan's reaction in their first look was what love looks like.

The first look with Grandma deserves it's own paragraph because LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL HER REACTION WAS! 😭

it was a wedding venue like I have never seen! Absolutely every inch was exquisite regal decorations and the venue SURPRISED the couple by planning and setting up the entire wedding reception for them and they got to do a REVEAL! It was amazing. Brittany cried, he venue owner cried, I CRIED!

I think I filled every single card I had for my camera at this wedding.

I am REALLY oversharing the photos on this wedding blog but I dont care. The world deserves to see how stunning this day was in full detail!

Whispering Willow really did have everything a wedding venue could offer.

I decided to do the family portraits in front of the long dark hallway into the venue and it was the best decision I've ever made because it framed everyone magically. We were even able to include some photos with a photo of Ryan's dad, which was extra special. It was October and the skies were threatening with rain the entire day, so even through we had free reign on the property, things were a bit damp for exploring. Luckily every inch of the venue was photo perfect so we had plenty of versatile backgrounds during our wedding party photos.

Then the reception had the best, and probably the first, Vogue-off that I have seen at a wedding. It was spectacular.

AND FIREWORKS! The venue offers fireworks to send the couple off into marriage, which I thought was an extra special touch.

So with a sparkler exit and a bang, the night was over, but one I will never forget. So many firsts, including being my 101st wedding! Thank you, Brittany and Ryan, you will always be my people.


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