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Kelowna's Best Photographer for a 4th Year!


With your amazing support, I was able to win Gold as Kelowna's Best Photographer Award for a 4th year! THANK YOU!

I feel like my thanks will never be enough to convey exactly how much it means to me to hold this title. I could NOT get this award without your support because each person can only vote once, which means I have the LARGEST network of phenomenal supporting clients of any photographer in the Okanagan. That is HEART STOPPING in my world!


Thank you to KelownaNow for hosting the Best of Kelowna Awards every year, What a beautiful gift to give to the business owners in the community. I highly recommend checking out the list of 2022 Best of Kelowna Winners and making a point to support those businesses this year. It has been an INSANE time to be a business owner, and if those businesses not only made it, but found a way to thrive through it, they deserve the accolades.

KelownaNow also hosts an award event every year so that the business owners can rub elbows, put faces to other businesses names, and receive our beautiful printed awards. It's been such a great experience to be involved in this for the past 5 years!

I first won the award in 2018 when I was only a couple of years into doing photography full time, and I was BLOWN AWAY that I won! It was a goal I had in my 5 year plan, not my 2 year plan. That year I also won Best Overall Facebook Page, and the Entrepreneur Under 30 Award.

The next year, I won again in 2019, including the Entrepreneur Under 30 Award as well.

Then 2020 hit, I had my baby and took maternity leave, and STILL managed to get silver for Kelowna's Best Photographer!!

In 2021 I reclaimed Gold with a vengeance, and was SO HAPPY to be Kelowna's Best Photographer again!! But then I moved away to Vernon in July and I thought I was going to lose the chance to compete in the race and I was heartbroken. I saw the nominations open up, and despite getting several emails that I was nominated in categories, I was convinced I wouldn't be able to run, so I never even made a post asking for nominations to make sure that I got into the voting round.


By some grace of God, I made it to the voting round, and I contacted KelownaNow to make sure it wasn't a mistake, and because I still service a majority of my clients in Kelowna and am not a physical storefront, I was still eligible to win! THEN I STARTED ASKING FOR PEOPLE TO VOTE!

And we did it.

Because my clients are the BEST and they've got my back even when I didn't know I needed them.

So thank you one more time, from the bottom of my heart, this award was won by YOU as much as it was won by me. Thank you for being a part of my little weirdo circle! Muah!! 💋

- Selina


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