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And that is a wrap on the 2022 wedding season!


After every wedding I shoot, I take a selfie with my couple AND IT HAS TURNED INTO MY FAVORITE TRADITION!!

These are all of my 2022 wedding selfies from an EXTRA LONG wedding season that started with one of my faaaavorite families ever, Teresa& Dave, on April Fool's day of all days! And the season ended with my new friend, my beautiful friend, my stunning, talented, motivated friend, Brittany & Ryan in New Brunswick!! WOW WOW WOW!!

What a phenomenal wedding season 2022 was.

It was a year I'll never forget, with the BIGGEST WIN EVER in all of my years of business, going to Lyndsey & Steven in Nova Scotia! My cup ran over this year and I will be living off these memories for a lifetime.

Thank you to every client in 2022 who trusted me with their memories and I am so excited to meet all the phenomenal people that 2023 holds for me.

This year also held a lot of personal development for me, which in turn made me a better photographer. I am so excited to be living the life that I only ever dreamt of, because waking up and doing this every day is a dream come true. Now that the year has wrapped up, I will be spending my time improving my systems, creating content, updating my website, and planning another full year of goals!

I will also be planning a full year of MINIS again because so many of my clients were so happy that I planned ahead and launched the full year of dates in advance. It takes a little stress out of the busy lives of my clients by allowing them to plan ahead for their annual photos.

I am looking forward to launching those dates soon. Stay tuned.


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