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What To Wear Guide

Everything you need to know​

​Outfit choice is the single most important aspect in making photos look a certain way, so I have created this style guide to help you put together the perfect outfits for everyone in your session, and have teamed up with two Okanagan based women in business to create exclusive offers for some of my favorite clothes to photograph.

I also highly recommend getting makeup done, even if its just for a natural coverage, because nothing makes you feel better than getting pampered before your session, and showing up feeling put together and confident. I also respect that some women don't wear makeup, and I love that, too! I just want everyone to feel their best during their time with me, whatever that looks like, and this style guide will help us accomplish that.

I love it when long hair is left down, it allows us to play with it, and to add motion in the image which is the number one component to freezing those breathtaking moments.

Please contact me through my facebook page or by email to to arrange your booking!

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