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A Spiritual Wedding In Hedley B.C.

On June 11th. Brittney and Jerry made their marriage official in gorgeous Hedley, B.C. Jerry is indigenous so there were beautiful, spiritual elements of their wedding that made the day unforgettable and unique. The stunning Similkameen Valley gave us the perfect backdrop for every single photo.

We started the day at a nearby family members property where the ladies were getting ready, and I was lucky enough to capture probably my favorite western wedding details to date! These are the bride's boots and wedding day details placed perfectly on the rusty seat of a tractor that decorated their front yard. The mix of textures and tone's makes this a one of a kind image.

Even though we were running late, as weddings do, Brittney found a few minutes to have a first look with her dad. If you can believe it, that gorgeous backdrop is the backyard of the home we were getting ready in, and just down that Hedley valley in the background, was where they said their I do's.

They held their wedding ceremony on Jerry's families property, with a ragging Similkameen River behind them, under the blazing June sun. My favorite part might have been the signs they chose to decorate the ringbearers cart. They began the ceremony with a prayer from an Elder, and everyone in the Bridesmaids looked gorgeous, standing against the brown landscape in their rose gold dresses.

After the ceremony, the Bride and Groom and I snuck away for a 20 minute drive up a mountain, so that we could take these breathtaking Bride and Groom portraits in an alpine meadow.

It was the perfect time of year to get the last of the yellow Balsamroot flowers as well as a carpet of blue bellflowers. Those colours were only overshadowed by the absolutely perfect blue sky with white fluffy clouds that could have been painted by Bob Ross himself.

This was my favorite part of their wedding day because we stepped out of the rush, and just enjoyed the view. I always recommend my couple schedule a time to just sit and take it all in, otherwise it can rush by in a blink.

We lost a lot of time during the Bridal Prep but I still had time to sneak the wedding party out while the guests were waiting for the food at the reception, to get all of their combinations done. One of the best things about hiring a seasoned photographer, is they'll always find a way!

The reception was held at the Ashnola PowWow Campground and from the succulent take always for the guests, to the cowboy get down from the Groomsmen, it was a wedding for the books!

I stayed in the sleepy town of Hedley and it's right out of a book. I stayed at a really cute AirBnB, that I recommend if you're in the area. The host was great and it's a private little backyard cabin with everything you need. The Similkameen Valley is one of the most magical places in British Columbia and if you're ever planning a road trip, it would be a must see.

The town is only a dozen or so roads so you can walk to the Grand Union Café for your morning coffee and breakfast. It has a ton of outdoor seating for you to sit and enjoy your coffee in the sun on a nice day, which is exactly what I did before I met the boy's for their groomsmen prep photos. The Café was also covered in artifacts from the town, including from the old mine on the mountaintop, that you can see from anywhere in the tow.

From the original AirBnB stay, to the Alpine meadow, to the party at the end, this wedding was an unforgettable addition to my 2022 wedding memories.

"Selina is absolutely amazing! For our first family pictures together they went off without a hitch! I have a social anxiety and my eldest son is on the Spectrum and both of us were completely at ease. My son can't stop talking about how much fun it was and he can't wait to do it again. She captured all of us perfectly and made us all feel super comfortable. She was outstanding with our 3 boys who barely stood still and still managed to capture amazing photos of us! We can't wait to have her shoot our Wedding in June! We definitely recommend her and will be returning to her for all future photos!

Thank You So Much Selina! You're a Rockstar!"


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