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The Beauty of a Lifestyle Session

I absolutely ADORE !

Most people have no idea what Lifestyle Session means, so don't worry if that's you.

Lifestyle session means a session in your home, that is less about a picture perfect surrounding, and more about the intimate details that comprise your life.

Lifestyle sessions are photographed usually in the clients home, and are most popular with my newborn sessions. It is usually easy for me to get studio quality images in your home, like the one above, but when you look at the photos your brain will see beyond the frame and re-create that room in a home you created so perfectly. These photos will mean more and more to you as the years fly by, because they will be a gateway back into such a beautiful season of life for you.

You do NOT need to have a picture perfect house to do a lifestyle session! All I ask is that it be de-cluttered. You don't need to scrub the floors or anything, I am not there to take photos of the house, I am there to take photos of the love within it!

Mostly we will use a couch to get cuddly on, as well as the parents bed, and if there are kids' rooms that are not disasters, children's portraits always mean more when they're also snapshots of that little person's interests and hobbies in that moment.

Lifestyle session photos always mean so much more to our hearts, and that is why I love them so much.

Any session can be done as a Lifestyle session, and you can see the details of my packages here. Please contact me through my facebook page or email me at to arrange your booking.


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