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Stylized Bride & Groom Sessions

Take stress away from your wedding day!

This is an editorial style photoshoot prior (or post!) to the wedding, which can usually be easily coordinated with your wedding hair & makeup trials. This takes a TON of stress away from your wedding day by taking care of the majority of the Bride & Groom Portraits in advance. This also allows for more scenic locations, more FUN, and more intimacy in your B&G portraits, as well as more time for your wedding party photos on

the Big Day!

My entire 2020 focus was on improving every couples overall wedding experience. I have been in the industry long enough now to have hundreds of wedding stories under my belt, and because of my focus on photographer/client relationship, I have been intimately involved with every wedding I have shot.

I'm more than a photographer that day, I use my wedding experience to be a million other things for you as well!​

Stylized B&G Sessions are a HUGE thing to come out of 2020 for my business! My biggest regret from every wedding, is not having more B&G photos because everyone is more concerned about getting photos with the people they don't see as often, or the schedule is cut short. This makes sure you get those unforgettable B&G portraits AND allows you more time for photos with the most important family & friends on your wedding day!​

  • All edits included (60+), Colour and Black & White of each image.

  • Downloadable, easy to share, password protected online gallery, as well as a USB of photos.


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