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Step-Parents Are Amazing

Being a step-parent is such a special role in a child's life.

The step-parent chooses that child every day.

Even though they love the children with their whole heart, a step-parent has to work to prove their unconditional love, and they have a thousand different parenting struggles that biological parents just get a hall pass on by default.

Step-parents have to deal with hard conversations, angry or confused emotions from the kids as the kids learn to live the blended family lifestyle. Step-parents have to have a better handle on their emotions while they're building new trust, and it's easy for them to be the focus of the kids' frustrations.

Some step-parent relationships might be roses from the beginning, but I think the majority of step-parents have a really hard first few years as they cultivate the new relationship with their step-kids. I was a step-parent before I was a biological parent, and I know that the emotions aren't easy.