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Step-Parents Are Amazing

Being a step-parent is such a special role in a child's life.

The step-parent chooses that child every day.

Even though they love the children with their whole heart, a step-parent has to work to prove their unconditional love, and they have a thousand different parenting struggles that biological parents just get a hall pass on by default.

Step-parents have to deal with hard conversations, angry or confused emotions from the kids as the kids learn to live the blended family lifestyle. Step-parents have to have a better handle on their emotions while they're building new trust, and it's easy for them to be the focus of the kids' frustrations.

Some step-parent relationships might be roses from the beginning, but I think the majority of step-parents have a really hard first few years as they cultivate the new relationship with their step-kids. I was a step-parent before I was a biological parent, and I know that the emotions aren't easy.

Being a step-parent is a constant contradiction, trying to treat them like they're your own, while also not over stepping boundaries and potentially seeming like they're trying to take over another parents role.

A step-parent is a different breed.

They're an integral part of a family, they're the support system for the bioparent, while also needing to practice extreme patience and love.

A shout-out to every step parent who has chosen to walk in those shoes, specifically Scott.

I know none of this is easy, and I know the season of life we're in comes with its own obstacle course, but now he's been in Gypsy's life longer than he hasn't been, and no one else will ever be her Scott. There's nothing more special in the world.


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