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How to Write Your Wedding Headshot List

Writing a headshot list for me in advance, saves a lot of time and stress during the wedding, so I have written out an easy "How To" guide here, as well as created a downloadable template for creating your headshot list to send to me.

Start with Bride's side, because the Bride's dress takes more placement, so we want to move her the least, then onto the Groom's side.

Begin your list with combinations that include the oldest and youngest guests first because they're the one's who will either need to sit down eventually, or can't stand still long enough to make it through the photos. Grandparents and children.

Please use names, not titles like mom and dad, so that I can call them out quickly.

Start with the first people you want in a photo (Example Bride + Dad) then the next paragraph and "Add Mom":

Brides Side:

  • Jane (Bride) + Cheryl (Mom)

- Joe (Dad)

- Tim (Groom)

  • Then the next combination...

This would one 1 photo of the bride and her dad, one of photo of the bride, her dad and mom, one photo of the bride, her mom and dad, and the groom. Etc.

  • Bride, Grandma, Grandpa

+ Mom, Dad

+ Groom + Niece, Nephew

This would be a photo of the Bride with her grandparents. Then a photo with the Bride, with her grandparents, and her parents. Then a photo of those 5 plus the groom. Then one with that whole "stack", including the niece and nephew. Then the next stack starts, (Replace titles with names in this example)

  • Bride, Mom

+ Dad

  • Bride, Dad

  • Bride, Sister, Brother, Brother

+ Nice, Nephew...

That's a photo of the Bride with both her parents, and each of her parents. Bride with siblings, then Bride, Siblings and their kids, etc.

Then over to the Groom's side

After family photos, myself and the wedding party will go away to do photos and you'll get your single combinations with everyone in your wedding party, so you do not need to include any combinations with your wedding party in this headshot list, unless they're included in other images (ex. if your sister is your Bridesmaid, you don't need to include "Bride + Sister" unless it also includes "Mom + Dad" etc.

You do NOT need to include combinations of anyone

Groom's Side:

  • Groom, Mom

+ Dad

+ Bride

Etc. Don't be afraid to include as many headshots as you want, I move through them quickly and use my mommy voice, along with one of your wedding party members, to make it happen!


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