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Empowerment Sessions

Everyone deserves photos that make them feel beautiful!

It is more common than not that I hear people say they aren't comfortable being in photographs. If they are, it's at a selfie angle, in great lighting.

That's not good enough.

EVERYONE deserves to have photos of themselves that they LOVE! I have honed my skills around boudoir photography over the last few years, and from that experienced, birthed the idea for Empowerment Sessions.

I want to bring the SAME hype girl skills that I bring to a boudoir, to these Empowerment Sessions. All you need is preferably 2-3 outfits in your own unique style, your booking confirmation will give you all of my recommended hair and makeup artists, along with all the information you need to prepare.

I have just launched these sessions, and will be adding more content to the gallery as it's created! Please contact me if you have any unanswered questions!

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