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Boudoir Sessions

Let's bring out that inner magic!

"Boudoir" literally means a private sitting room or salon, so a true boudoir session is done in an indoor setting, but I can offer these sessions outdoor at the clients request. Although the wording is female directed, my boudoir sessions are by no means limited by gender, and I have had more and more confident men booking boudoir sessions for themselves, and with their partners! And although, by definition, "boudoir photography is a photographic style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, in a photographic studio or bedroom, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subjects and their romantic partners," you do not NEED to do these for anyone but yourself! So many people want to do it and say they have no one to do it for.


YOU are the person you do the boudoir for! 75% of my clients do them for themselves.

My boudoir sessions are elegant, and use artistic nudity to celebrate our bodies, in all forms, colours and ages. There is no "perfect boudoir body type", these sessions are for anyone with a body! This is a celebration of your temple, and you will leave the session feeling refueled!

You can be as dressed or undressed as you'd like. After motherhood, and a career in healthcare, I am comfortable and un-phased by full nudity. I am as professional as any nurse you'd meet.

If you'd like to know a little more about what to expect from a boudoir session, take a sneak peek at what my clients receive to prepare for their sessions. Please contact me through my facebook page or by email to to arrange your booking!


Where is your studio located?

A: Vernon, 5712 Heritage Drive. It is a home studio in the lower half of my house. It has a separate side entrance with the rest of my home, my clients have their own bathroom, and the studio is separate from anything else. My family members are the only occupants, and it's important to me to have the house to myself during sessions! Privacy is important to me, and because of this, I have privacy film over all of the downstairs windows as well.

What are your Covid-19 precautions?

A: I have a toddler in my home, so following Covid-19 protocols in my studio is very important to me! I am double vaccinated and for studio sessions I always wear a mask while shooting. I also make sure to sanitize my equipment and myself before and after each session. In my studio, I have limited the things in the space, to make it easier to keep cleaned and sanitized. I choose mostly hard materials for high touch surfaces for easy sanitation between sessions. Any sessions that use soft surfaces like the bed, are booked on different days in order to properly wash all of the touched surfaces.

Studio sessions are also booked far enough apart to ensure thorough sanitizing.

Is your studio handicap accessible?

A: There is a single step down into the door, but otherwise the studio and bathroom are both accessible.

Do I have to sign a photo release?

A: No. Signing a photo release is optional, and signing it is greatly appreciated. See a copy of the Photo Release here

Does your studio have a washroom?

A: Yes! There is a client bathroom with the studio, and is available to use for outfit changes.

What are your prices and packages? A: You can do a 30 or 60 minute package in my studio. You can see the details of all of these packages by clicking here

What do I wear for a boudoir/how many outfits can I have?


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