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Boudoir Are For EVERY Body

A huge part of my energy goes towards supporting women, empowering women, and giving back to my community. We all have reasons why we're on the career paths that we're on, and our life experiences form us and influence us to make the decisions we do, in regards to the direction of our lives.

My struggle with body positivity and a sense of belonging in society, was what formed me to be the boudoir and portrait photographer that I am today.

I just recently realized that there are a lot of photographers that only showcase perfect bodies in their boudoir portfolios, and I assume that is because as photographers we're told to post what we want to attract. I am proud to say that I showcase EVERY body type, shape, texture and colour.

My boudoir portfolio is limited by my photo releases, so not every client lets me share their photos, but 75% of my boudoir clients are plus size. Including myself (self portrait above).

I have been doing boudoir self portraits for years and I do them to force myself to better understand what my client experiences. I think that is a huge reason why I have the hundreds of five star reviews that I do.

Everyone is self conscious.

There has rarely ever been a client that walks in my door that doesn't say they're nervous. And there are rarely any clients that don't list their stomach as one of their main concerns.

When you book yourself in for a boudoir with me, there is a list of intake questions such as, "areas of your body that you're concerned with, if any", so that I know before our shoot what areas you'll be looking at with the most critical eye in the final images. Avoiding those areas are easy with props, poses and angles, so I want you to know that you don't have to worry about that! But also, know that every person has a tummy and they're each beautiful. You don't need to hide any of yourself, ever.

The only age restrictions on boudoir is 18+ and other than that, the sky is the limit.

A common misconception is that boudoir photos are only for young women in their 20's with magazine model bodies.



I have even had the pleasure of doing boudoir sessions for first daughters, then their mothers, MANY times! There is no age limit on inspiring women to fully empower their bodies and sexuality. You never get too old to feel magical and beautiful! I especially love it when daughters gift their mothers boudoir sessions. What a beautiful gift.

Whatever misconceptions you have behind the definition of the "perfect body for boudoir", you can throw them in the garbage. Because the only thing I want my clients to look is confident. And it's my job to make sure they feel that way from the moment they step into my studio.

Another misconception is that you need someone to do boudoir FOR. Why would you get sexy photos of yourself, for yourself?

You won't truly ever understand the empowering feeling behind a boudoir until you do one, but I will try my best to explain.

Recently I had a newly-single mother who has a ton of kids, come to me to find her spark again. This is an email I received shortly after returning a few of her sneak peeks:


Kriky kangaroo…….. I love love love…..


I am so excited to see them all, I will be honest….. I overwhelmed myself viewing these pictures, I love seeing them, I am so excited to be finding that girl again.......

I have viewed everyday when I wake up as they totally help shift my personal mind frame or how I see me

I am already planning to make this tradition......

Thank you soooooo much."

This short email was an amazing description of the feeling I want EVERY client to feel after they've had a boudoir with me. It's not about who you have to show the photos to, it's about seeing the photos yourself AND the hype girl experience you have during the session! It's unlike any other experience.

Women hyping up women in their fully exposed form, is how the world is going to change. Women are fierce, and when they're empowered, they shift the direction of the universe.

Women are magical.

Not to say that my boudoir isn't also for other genders as well! But 90% of my clients identify as female so that's who I am talking to in this post.

But partners can also join me in hyping up their ladies! Couples boudoir is the ULTIMATE couples therapy.

I will have to do an entire blog post for that! Stay tuned.

And last if it is price that is holding you back, my prices are not astronomical, I over deliver, and you've spent more money on things much worse for you. I don't accept money as an excuse because I do too many giveaways and too many CRAZY HUGE DISCOUNTED DEALS to think it is unaffordable! Start saving so that your goal has an end date, because "someday" isn't a day in the calendar.

Message me and lets make it happen. You won't regret the experience and you can read tons of five star google reviews of other people JUST LIKE YOU that didn't regret finally doing it.

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