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A New Studio And A Special Offer 😍

If you follow me on any platform, or get my Client Exclusive emails, you've definitely already heard that I have just signed a lease for my VERY FIRST COMMERCIAL STUDIO SPACE!!!

To say that I am freaking out is an understatement.

I have been putting my dream of owning a studio, out into the world, for 16 years, since I first launched Selina Photography in 2007, while I was getting my business degree at Algonquin College in Pembroke, Ontario. I even remember an old run down store front right downtown that I always talked about like it would be my first studio.

That 17 year old version of Selina is bawling her eyes out over this accomplishment.

Heck, 33 year old Selina has been bawling her eyes out over this accomplishment!

I have done A LOT of big, crazy things in my life, but this is by far the biggest and craziest. There is so much fear in the unknown, but my excitement for the "known" that I have envisioned in my head for what this studio space will be, is much more powerful. That is the driving force behind making this dream a reality.

Despite having a pretty ridiculous last few months from family members in the hospital, to Lasik surgery, it felt like things weren't going to line up for me, but where there is a will there is a WAY! So a couple of days ago I officially signed the lease, I will be getting my keys ASAP to start the renovations that need to be done to make it the perfect space, and March 1st is my official possession date.

I am over the moon!

With a lot of therapy I have finally become comfortable with asking for help, so with the signing of the lease, I also launched a GoFundMe page, with a $4,000 goal, that is currently already at $825 raised! I don't have very much time at all to plan events, so the amazing generosity of a few donors has already given me almost 1/4 of my goal, but I also want to be able to give back to the people helping me, so I am also launched a special offer.

$80 Studio Sessions

20 minute studio session of choice (family, boudoir, empowerment, etc.)

2 edits of choice (in colour and black & white)

Unlimited full resolution downloads

Use ANY TIME in 2023.


If you don't use the session in 2023, the payment just goes as a credit on your account to use anytime in the future. Selling all 40 of these sessions will mean I have MET MY FUNDRAISING GOAL and will be able to launch my grand opening exactly the way I have always dreamed.

It also means I will have 40 sessions ready to shoot in my new space, which is the TRULY THRILLING PART! I am so excited to see the art we will be able to create together in this space, and all of the EVENTS I will be able to host!

This studio is the next step in my ability to give back to my community. Thank you for joining me on this journey! SO MUCH MORE TO COME!


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