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7 Traits of a Great Wedding Photographer


How is their energy?

Your photographer will be spending every moment of the most important day of your life with you, you want to make sure your energies match. A professional mannerism is important, but you also want to feel free to be real around them.


Reviews. Are. Everything.

Never risk hiring someone before reading their reviews. There are several platforms for reviews from Yelp! to Facebook to Google, they'll have some somewhere! If they don't, you might want to re think going with them.


They should ease your mind

Notice how fast they are to get back to you. Do they answer all of your questions? Are they supplying you with all the information you need? If they do, they'll never leave you wondering!


More experience = less mistakes

Your biggest price point to consider will be due to their experience. There is no quick process to becoming an amazing wedding photographer, every wedding season brings new challenges to learn from. Don't become an inexperienced photographers horror story.


No mess.

Having a photographer that has a good booking system, appropriate follow ups, legal paperwork, etc. is going to save you so much stress in the long run! There are enough details in a wedding, you shouldn't have to worry about your photographer.

Task oriented

Keeps your day running smoothly

You need to be able to leave the trust in your photographer to keep the day running smoothly. A bad photographer can ruin your schedule, or they could run out of time and miss key shots if they're unable to work under the time constraints.


Things change!

There are so many working parts to a wedding day that all effect each other! What happens when the makeup artist is late? Your photographer should know how to deal with every possible situation, without having to sacrifice anything important to you.

If you're looking for a wedding photographer with ALL of these qualities, contact me!

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