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How to Prepare for an Empowerment Session


Everything you need to know to prepare!

I used the specific image above to show you how unimportant your outfit choice is. Some photographers may not agree with this, but I am not photographing your clothes, I am photographing something much deeper than that, so all I ask is that you show up with something comfortable. 


Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, and you can't be confident if you're uncomfortable. Depending on what you're going for, please read my styling Life session style guide where I cover all of the most important points of choosing your outfits, and you can also get some helpful hints from the boudoir style guide

  • You will need to supply your own outfits. Comfort is key, posing and angles are the answer to flattering body lines

  • Trust me that I'll make you look your best!! 

  • If you bring robes, button ups, jackets etc. those are just accessories and not considered a change

  • Don't feel that you need to have an expensive outfit to look good, I am not photographing the clothes

  • If you bring any outfits that are difficult to put on/take off, that change time takes away from your session time

  • You have time for two outfits during a 30 minute session and 3 outfits during a one hour session

  • Having your hair down allows us to play with it

  • You can bring footwear but it is unnecessary, we're indoors and barefoot looks more natural

  • Don't fret about blemishes and bruises, they'll be removed in post work

    • But still be mindful if you do contact sports the week up to. Removing extensive bruising can be hard​

  • Please let me know in advance if you have any visible scars that you'd like removed, otherwise I will not alter any permanent feature

  • Eat before the shoot, modeling is hard work!

  • I usually have music playing to keep the atmosphere comfortable

  • Please let me know if you have a problem with fragrances, I normally have scentsy on

  • I will have all the props that I need but if there are any specific ones you'd like to use, please feel free to bring them

  • If the session is at my studio, the address is 2810 48th Ave, Vernon, with further location details in your booking confirmation

  • These sessions can be done in the water, outside, in your home, on location or in my studio

  • Please remember to have clean feet, shave your armpits/legs if you care, those are things I can't edit out

  • You can not bring anyone to watch your session/kids to wait during your session

  • If it's possible, if you're planning on showing skin, don't wear socks, a tight bra, or leggings to the session because they leave seam marks on your skin

  • Between working in healthcare for 5 years and doing over 1000 of these boudoir sessions, I am professional and comfortable with any nudity 

  • Please pay the remaining balance at least 48 hours before your session

  • You can do so by clicking "View Appointment Details" at the bottom of your booking confirmation and then "Pay $ CADX.XX" button on the page that opens


"Selina is absolutely amazing!! I am a very shy self concious girl, Selina brought me out of my shell, even though I was tense the whole time she made me feel absolutely beautiful, her words of encouragement, her smile, her voice all of it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I will recommend her to everyone I know. 'Cause you have to have your photos done by her. You seriously won't regret it. My whole entire day was made"

-- Casey. S. 2023

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