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What To Wear Guide- Boudoir

Finding your perfect boudoir outfits

Outfit choice is the single most important aspect in making photos look a certain way, so I have created this style guide to help you put together the perfect outfits for your session. You can see several different outfits in my boudoir portfolio section.

I also highly recommend getting hair & makeup done, even if its just for a natural coverage, because nothing makes you feel better than getting pampered before your session, and showing up feeling put together and confident. I love it when long hair is left down, it allows us to play with it, and to add motion in the images.


I also respect that some people don't wear makeup, and I love that, too! I just want everyone to feel their best during their time with me, whatever that looks like, and this style guide will help us accomplish that.


Find all the right people for your special shoot!

This is a short list of vendors that I've worked with, trust, and recommend.

Hair Stylists:

Charlotte Backman Hair to Please You (Vernon) 
Kayla Atherton Khronic Kolors Salon (Vernon)
Syndel McColl Syndel the Stylist (Vernon)

Jessie Graff Hair Designs by JG (West Kelowna)

Lana Rickett HAIR y Lana Rickett (Kelowna)


Makeup Artists:

Brittany Martiniuk Brittany Martiniuk Makeup Artistry (Vernon)

Bri Stein Bri Stein Artistry (Vernon)
Missy MacKintosh MisMack Clean Cosmetics (Salmon Arm)

Hafsa Adeel Makeup by Hafsa (West Kelowna) 

"Selina is AMAZING! This funny and charismatic girl will have you laughing and at ease in no time. She was full of compliments and her passion for her work was - I was honestly sad when we were done my shoot - and I cannot wait to do it again. It took me years to find the courage and now I’m excited for the next time"

-- Amber L. Jan. 2023

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