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How to Prepare for a Boudoir Session

Everything you need to know to prepare!

  • You will need to supply your own outfits. Comfort is key, and don't worry about how your tummy looks, I pose to flatter that area because EVERYONE is self conscious about that! (Check out my Facebook Live video at the bottom of this page)

  • Sometimes the sexiest thing you can wear is a simple bra and panties

  • If you bring a robe/partners shirt I don't consider that a change, they're props

  • Don't feel that you need to have expensive lingerie to look good

  • If you bring any outfits that are difficult to put on/take off, know that that change time will come out of your session time

  • You get two outfits during a 30 minute session and 3 outfits during a one hour session

  • Having your hair down allows us to play with it

  • You can bring footwear but it is unnecessary, we're indoors and barefoot looks more natural

  • Don't fret about blemishes, they'll be removed in post work

  • Please let me know in advance if you have any visible scars that you'd like removed, otherwise I will not alter any permanent feature

  • Eat before the shoot, modeling is hard work!

  • I usually have music playing to keep the atmosphere comfortable

  • I will have all the props that I need but if there are any specific ones you'd like to use, please feel free to bring them!

  • If the session is at my house, the address is 5712 Heritage Drive, Vernon

  • I have a dog so please beware if you have allergies!

  • Trust me that I'll make you look your best!!

  • Please remember to have clean feet, shave your armpits/legs, those are things I can't edit out

  • You can not bring anyone to watch your session/kids to wait during your session

  • If it's possible, don't wear socks, a tight bra, or leggings to the session, the seams leave marks on your skin

  • Between working in healthcare for 5 years and doing over 1000 of these boudoir sessions, I am professional and comfortable

  • I will not do sexually suggestive photos (sexual acts), my boudoir sessions are sensual not sexual

  • Please pay the remaining balance at least 48 hours before your session

  • You can do so by clicking "View Appointment Details" at the bottom of your booking confirmation and then "Pay $ CADX.XX" button on the page that opens

Please contact me through my facebook page or by email to to arrange your booking!

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