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How to Prepare for a Newborn Session


Everything you need to know to prepare!

  • At request, I can include basket studio style photos, but my newborn sessions are mostly lifestyle, which means a nice cuddly family session (whomever you'd like to include, or just baby is fine)

  • You have the option to do the session in your home or at my studio at 2810 48th Ave in Vernon

  • Newborn sessions are best done within their first 7 days, but since it's more lifestyle 2 weeks is fine

  • Babies from age 7 days-12 days I will still try my hardest to get those cute basket photos but they aren't as sleepy so the baby will be the boss of those photos

  • Babies older than 12 days may not be able to do the basket photos if they’re too big/too wiggly

  • The basket photos are only available in the one hour session. I highly recommend the full one hour session, which is actually booked as 1.5 hours to allow for tending to the baby

  • If choosing an in home session, the photos are not of your home, they're of the love within it, so please don't think your home needs to look a certain way for us to be able to do a session there! Make sure it's cleaned up and uncluttered to the best of your ability, and I will do the rest

  • Lighting within your home also doesn't matter, I bring my own

  • I will usually do photos of everyone cuddling on your bed (photos of the bed, not the room), and on the couch, hanging out in the living room, or in babies room. Example portfolio below.

  • If baby is going to sleep prior to the beginning of the shoot, please change the baby into only a clean diaper, then we’ll do the basket photos if you've requested them

  • If baby is awake at the beginning, we’ll do the rest of the lifestyle session portion first, then we can feed baby in hopes for a little nap! If no nap, then I will get the basket photos with baby awake

  • Having it warm in the house is great because they may be in their diaper

  • When considering outfits for your baby for the family photos, think of how much the clothing will bunch up when being held. A sleeveless/armless onesie is usually best

  • Also keep in mind the fabrics you are dressing baby in, that they do not irritate the skin. You can test this on the baby prior to the session!

  • Don't fret about blemishes or skin imperfections, they'll be removed in post work

  • I love doing breastfeeding photos because those moments don't last long in our lives so feel free to ask for those if it doesn't come up, and I never share photos without permission (even if you sign the photo release, I will specifically ask for consent to share breastfeeding photos)

  • Babies are super sensitive to energy so I come to you so that everyone is as comfortable as possible

  • Any siblings we include will feed off your energy

  • More often than not, the grumpy face of the parents negatively affects the outcome of the photos more than a child's "poor" behavior

  • Only use positive, affirming vocabulary during the session. Instead of telling your child, "don't do that!" change it to "lets do this!" Bringing attention to what they shouldn't be doing, "don't stick your tongue out!" Makes them do it even more. You don't need to worry about getting the kids to pose, that's all part of my job. I have my ways of getting children to do what I need for the photo but your comments could be counter productive to what I am trying to accomplish

  • Please pay the remaining balance at least 48 hours before your session

  • You can do so by clicking "View Appointment Details" at the bottom of your booking confirmation and then "Pay $ CADX.XX" button on the page that opens


Newborn Portfolio

"Selina was so accommodating to our family during the shoot (especially with two busy toddlers running around). She made the experience so comfortable and relaxing for us. We are thrilled with how our photos turned out and definitely plan to book with her again in the future!"

-- Kresson Y.W. Nov. 2019

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