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3 Valley Gap Retreat


Selina's Goddesses First Retreat Is Here!

Members of the private Facebook group, Selina's Goddesses, will be joining me July 6th-7th 2024 at the unique 3 Valley Gap Chateau, B.C.

After spending a weekend here, I knew I wanted to come back and I can't wait to share this hidden gem with you. We'll explore the vast Chateau grounds, the stunning Three Valley Lake, the nearby Eagle Pass Waterfall, AND the Ghost Town, including a private BBQ d
inner inside the haunted dinning room, where I will invite everyone to dress up, in time-period attire if possible. I am SO EXCITED about this! Looking forward to the fun photos we will get here. 

Photos will be a big focus of this weekend, further details below. 

*This is a historical building so this is your warning that it's one step above camping, with limited Wi-Fi connection and no A/C, but neither were a problem for me during my stay with my family.*

Chateau Amenities:

  • Indoor Pool & Whirl Pool

  • Pool Table

  • Large character gathering rooms

  • Ghosts

  • Room Balconies

  • Beach access

  • Water sport rentals

  • Souvenir & Gift Shop

  • Restaurant

  • Waterfall View

  • 1/2 Price admission to ghost town (free unlimited access if we get the BBQ!)

  • Gardens


Ghost Town Amenities:

  • Haunted town with over 25 historic buildings

  • Train Ride

  • BBQ Dinner + Tour (20+ people)

  • Wagon, buggy and bus displays

  • Monashee Mining Museum

  • Antique Car Museum

  • More Ghosts

  • Railway Roundhouse (Fun Fact: largest fully operational covered turntable in North America!)

Schedule of Events

I invite you to join me early and arrive on Friday, but scheduled events will be Saturday and Sunday. Breakfasts will be on your own time but I will be there at 9:45 am if you would like to join me. The BBQ Dinner is pending being able to get 20 people to sign up, and activities will depend upon weather but there is a lot of indoor space to move to.


Contact 3 Valley Gap directly to get 10% group discount off your room.

The picnic lunch will be a waterfront/garden picnic, where each of us will bring our own little picnic lunch, while enjoy taking in the beauty of the mountains together. 

All activities are optional, the main focus is to spend time with like minded, awesome women, and relax. If you want to use this as an excuse to get away from your house and sleep for two days straight, with a few dips in the hot tub, I am here for it.

Friday 5th *bonus day*:

4:00 pm Selina arrives for check-in

5:45 pm Dinner at Restaurant 

7:00 pm Pool/hot tub

Saturday 6th:

9:45 am Selina will be at breakfast

11:00 am Kayaking/Beach time

12:30 pm Picnic Lunch

5:00 pm Ghost Town Tour

5:50 pm BBQ Dinner- Dress Up

7:30 pm Pool/hot tub

Sunday 7th:

9:45 am Selina will be at breakfast

TBD Train Ride

11:00 am Checkout

11:30 am Eagle Pass Waterfall (2 photos from my visit at end of gallery above)

Sara Wood (10).jpg
Phot Op

Photo Op

I would love to get have some really great photos from this weekend so I will have my camera out as much as possible. Unlike other social events, I will be encouraging everyone to have their phones out and with them, because the goal will be to get as many photos during our adventures as possible, so that at the end we can compile them all, and we will each have non-selfie photos of ourselves, making awesome memories, with a group of new friends!

This is my jam.

BBQ Dinner + Tour

If we have 20 or more people, we can sign up for the BBQ dinner + tour. Checkout the image below for full details on how it works. I would love if everyone could dress up for the dinner, in time-period clothing if possible. 

bbq photo.jpg
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